Ruffin Rodrique


We are a luxury dining restaurant with roughly 150 chairs, and that doesn't even include the bar stools.  Before we started using the InvisiGlides, we were working exclusively with tap-in leg covers.  Every year we would survey the chairs and end up replacing about 90% of our tap-in protectors to avoid any potential damage to our floor.  We have several different varieties of chairs, and they had the right size for each of them.  The InvisiGlides are slipover and i was concerned that they may fall off over time, but the original covers have been on the chairs now for almost 2 years and not one has fallen off.  Not only did the new protectors last longer, but they also ended up costing me less that the tap-ins did.

Rick Balbesi

Agave’s Restaurant and Cantina

As promised, here is an update on how the InvisiGlides are doing in our restaurant. As advertised, they have eliminated the unwanted noise from the moving of chairs and bar stools! As an added bonus, they are saving our floors from the constant scratching. Our floors were very expensive and it has always been a concern of ours as to the best way to protect them. Your Glides fit the bill. Our customers have commented on how much more pleasurable it is without the noise from sliding chairs. I was skeptical at first, but now I am a believer. Thanks for a great product and even better service!

Billy Guilbeau

Twins Burgers and Sweets

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much our customers, myself and our employees love your product! Prior to installing the InvisiGlides, our restaurant was, shall we say a bit on the noisy side from all of the chairs being moved constantly. Not only has the noise been eliminated, but they are practically unnoticeable. We have tried other products in the past, but they were not very appealing to the eye. Your product is practically “Invisible”! My customers and I thank you very much.

Mike Gregory

The greatest product we have ever used for our chairs! Our meeting rooms used to be unbelievably noisy. Now, we can have our meetings without having to scream over chair movement! Our floors and ears thank you!!

Scotty Richardson

Thank you for your selection in sizes! Our chairs have larger legs in the back than the front, but with your product selection we were able to fit the front and back legs easily. They look great on the chairs and lack of noise is fantastic. Thanks again!

Jim Williams

Great Product. Very durable and they protect our floors. The noise reduction is amazing! We didn’t realize how loud it used to be in here until we put these on our chairs. Thanks a million.

Paul Schultz

Fantastic product! Our customers have said they don’t feel like they have to scream at each other anymore because of the quieter dining room. Thank you!!

David Neufeld

I’m very impressed with your product! The noise reduction is amazing. The product is literally close to being invisible. Our customers do not even notice them. Actually, some of our more “seasoned” chairs that are a bit scuffed up at the bottoms look almost new. We may not have to buy new chairs as soon as we thought either because they slide so much easier now. Before, the drag from the floors put a lot of strain on the legs when they were moved and caused many legs to become loose or break over time. This will save us quite a bit of money. Thanks and if you come up with a product for tables, let us know.